Amma Canada Fundraiser 2022

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So far we have raised $119,248 towards our $130,000 target! That’s about 92% of the total!

Amma Canada, inspired by Amma herself, is grateful to have supported the needy since 2003. Last year (2021), we contributed $97,000 to social outreach across Canada and in Haiti, and over 5000 volunteer hours. 

This included assisting marginalized and homeless mothers in Montreal; higher education bursaries for women in Haiti; spreading holiday cheer in greater Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver; preparing and serving meals at downtown homeless shelters in Toronto and Montreal, and providing fresh produce to the meal program; education bursaries to two youth recipients from Peel Children’s Aid; food rescue projects; and more.**

We are able to do this thanks to your generous donations. Once again, we invite you to support our volunteer work by giving generously to our annual fundraiser. Any amount helps. 

A donation of any size can be sent by email transfer to or, or you can donate by credit card directly on our website. Using the PayPal Giving Fund option on our website will help us avoid any processing fees (but the old PayPal option still works). New this year, we encourage you to donate by Facebook, and/or to create and share your own Facebook fundraiser for Amma Canada (which also allows us to skip processing fees).

For details of various options available for donation, please see ‘How-to-Give’ page.

In 2021 Amma Canada contributed $97,000.00 plus to social outreach activities across Canada and in Haiti. Despite the pandemic, our members volunteered over 5000 hours in community service.

 Welcome Hall Mission, Montreal, Quebec assisting marginalized young mothers and women who are experiencing homelessness with programs providing prenatal care, child care, advocacy and education. CONTRIBUTION:  $40,000.00

 Bursaries for women in Haiti to pursue higher education in Engineering and Computer Science with Fondation QHASUQ (Quebec-Haiti pour une Scolarisation Universelle de Quebec).  Six bursaries, each for $2600.00, are granted to women enrolled at the Institute of Science, Technology and Advanced Studies.  An additional $8000.00 per year is provided to support the participants with a children’s day care centre.  CONTRIBUTION: $24,000.00

 Amma Canada volunteers across Canada participated in projects that serve children and families in need, vulnerable seniors and adults experiencing poverty and homelessness during the Christmas Holiday Season.  Volunteers purchased chilften’s winter clothing, donated grocery gift cards, crafted holiday cards, filled gift bags, baked cookies, knitted socks and mittens and served meals to assist families, youth and seniors in need, including individuals housed in downtown hostels. Amma Canada  supported Bennett Centre, Links2Care Halton, Peel Children’s Aid Foundation, Food4Kids Halton, Acton Foodshare, Auclair CHSLD Senior Centre, Mission Welcome Hall Montreal, Santropol Roulant Foster Care Centre,YWCA Presents for Peace Vancouver and PHS Community Services Society. CONTRIBUTION:   $17,000    

St. Felix Centre, a multiservice non-profit program in downtown Toronto, that serves men and women who struggle with homelessness, poverty and mental health. A few volunteers assisted,in limited capacity during pandemic, by assembling takeout meals and washing dishes. A  $9,000 contribution was made toward fresh produce for the daily meal program. CONTRIBUTION:  $9,000          

Bursaries for two disadvantaged youth from Peel Children’s Aid Foundation to support their educational goals. CONTRIBUTION:  $5,000

 Volunteers prepared and served meals at local soup kitchen Mission Welcome Hall, Montreal. CONTRIBUTION:   $2,000